Here are a few of our most common FAQs:

Are recipients guaranteed to receive my NeedAnything?

As long as notifications are enabled, your recipient will receive the message.

Are NeedAnything alerts sent automatically, or do I have to send myself?

If your store has signed up for NeedAnything’s automatic alert system, your NeedAnything will be sent as soon as you enter the store! Otherwise, you can still send a NeedAnything alert manually in any store as long as they are listed in Google Maps.

What if I don’t see my store?

If your store is a NeedAnything partner, you will be able to see it in the list. If the store is not a NeedAnything partner but is a registered location on Google Maps, you should still be able to find it in the app. If you can’t find your store at all, the store is not registered with Google Maps.

How do I respond back?

By tapping on the NeedAnything notification, you will open the app’s messaging page. You can then communicate with whoever’s at the store!

How do I stop receiving NeedAnything™ alerts?

By turning off notifications in your phone’s settings, you will stop receiving NeedAnything alerts.

How do I send a NeedAnything to someone who doesn’t have the app?

If the recipient is listed as a contact in your mobile device they will receive a text message.  They will also get a link to download the NeedAnything app.