The Story Behind NeedAnything®

In an age of busy schedules and limited time, seamless shopping runs have become a rare occurrence. Managing multiple shopping lists often means a return from the store can end in disappointment from at least one member of the family.

On a mission to improve the modern shopping trip, the team behind NeedAnything set out to solve a problem we all know too well. Our app is designed to meet the growing needs of today’s family shopper, complete with automatic in-store reminders and responsive messaging.

In our increasingly time-poor society, we can’t always make a second trip to the store. That’s why NeedAnything is the perfect shopping companion – a better way to ask, “Need Anything”?

Our Mission

Provide a streamlined, stress-free shopping experience.

Facilitate convenience amongst shoppers while visiting your favorite stores.

Make shopping easier for everyone you might want to shop for.

NeedAnything Helps You:


Save Time

Our team recognizes that time is your most valuable commodity. We created the NeedAnything app with today’s busier than ever consumers in mind, with a quick, effortless way to to save you time when buying what you need for yourself and others.

Save Energy

Communication shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why the NeedAnything app is streamlined to provide hassle-free automatic alerts and replies. All your shopping lists or requests from others are accessed in one spot on your device for quick and easy access.

Save Confusion

Feel like a shopping hero every time you use the app. When you save someone a trip to the store, NeedAnything lets the people you care about know you want to make their life easier.

Meet the Team

Our passionate team is dedicated to making NeedAnything everything you need it to be.

Shoppers love us. Here are a few stories of how NeedAnything has helped real people!

My construction crew member used to constantly call me when he was at the hardware store. It’s great not to have to stop work to answer the phone to add any last minute items to his list – NeedAnything™ is a great time saver!

Bob R.

I have a lot of allergies, so it’s hard to tell my roommate which groceries he can get for our apartment. Now, he can easily double check.

Carlos D.

This has been unbelievable since quarantine. When my friends or roommates go to our local stores I get a notification so they can pick up stuff for me. This has been a game changer. Very convenient and perfect timing!

Kevin Z.

I always stop at the store on my way home from work. Now I can keep track of what all my family members need all in one place on my phone.

Mark T.

My husband and I started using this app because NO WAY do we trust random delivery drivers to actually be “contact free”. We made our parents start using it too so we can drop off their favorite take out when we’re picking up for ourselves. They aren’t very techie but even they can use this app. Super simple and a better way to get stuff for your peeps.


When one of my employees would bring back lunch across the street, the rest of the office would get jealous. Now that we all have the NeedAnything™ app, everyone can get in on a great lunch!

Brenda W.

Got this app after seeing it on the news. It saves time and grief when you come home from a store and someone in my house always asks “ Why didn’t you tell me you we’re going to the drugstore, supermarket etc.


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